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Good News Seventh Day Baptist Church

Our Vision

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with our community, reaching others one life at a time.

Covenant of the Good News Seventh Day Baptist Church

          Having been inspired by the Grace of God to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, and believing that we must obey His commands in response to His love towards us, we do now, in the presence of God, solemnly covenant with each other.

          We will walk together in brotherly love (1), care for and encourage each other, and participate in each other’s joys and with sympathy bear each other’s burdens and sorrows (2).  Using the Word of God as our guide, we will teach, council and disciple each other (3).  We will cheerfully support the financial needs of our church in order to spread the Good News of the saving grace of Jesus Christ (4) and joyfully gather for worship together on the Sabbath (5).  And, as God gives us the strength, we will always seek to live our lives as a positive example and witness to others (6). 

1) 1 Peter 2:17

2) Romans 12:15 and 16

​3) Matthew 18:15-17

​4) Matthew 6:19-21 and Luke 6:38

5) Exodus 20:8 and Romans 12:1

6) Colossians 3:12-14 and Romans 12:2

Supported and guided by our parent church Shepherd's Fold